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Hello. I am really excited about this new adventure. The world can be a difficult place at times. Although it is pretty great to know that we all struggle and that we are not alone on our journey. I am hoping that this blog can be a help and inspiration to all the women out there who have. well, made some decisions in our lives that may have not turned out the way we expected. I hope to share my experience and the miracles that have taken place in my life that have and are turning my life around. I woke up one night with "Moms On The Mend" on my heart. I am not sure where this will go but, I have a burning desire to see hearts mended in those women who may have experienced or may be experiencing life's most difficult challenges. Ultimately, to obtain the ability to rise above and overcome!! Join us and find a fresh renewal in the life our heavenly Father intends for you!! Today is your day of blessing and healing. This is a day for rejoicing and claiming FREEDOM and a FEARLESS future.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Can Choose!!!

Before I get started on what is the latest and greatest on my heart....I would like to welcome the first two followers of MOTM. Thank you for your support and hang on to your seat for great things are to come. God is on the Move!!!... and we are all a part of His great works. Be Bold!!!

I am in the midst of reading, well, three books at one time.... Oh well, this is part of the wonderful personality God has created in me. I am a multi-tasker... hm? Ok..Ok..thats a nice way of describing my amazing ability to start something and move onto something else prior to finishing the first thing. Yep!!!.. that is ME. I am working on the fact that sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we let on. I am guilty of this in a BIG way. I am a perfectionist in many ways. This has not only created a lot of anxiety at times it has set expectations for myself that failure at times is eminent. People who know me and understand me ..... know what I am talking about. If you look at this quality in the proper prospective you look like a "super woman". People say things like...."Wow, how do you keep track of all that?" or "How do you be a Mom, go to school, work full time, keep a neat and tidy home, and manage all of it at the same time...Oh! and maintain a 3.8 GPA?" Well, Hm? I am here to tell you after a while your body goes into shut down. One day you wake up and wonder "Who am I?". All of a sudden all of these crazy endeavors define who you are and people look right past you do not even exist. You are a figure in everyone's life around you and you are just supposed to be there and do everything. In the mean time your not paying attention to all of the things that are slowly destroying you. You may have an abusive cycle in your life, a bad marriage, a dishonest spouse, someone who says terrible things to you, maybe someone threatens you, tearing you down to feel worthless, or a marriage of infidelity. It is amazing how all of these things or maybe one or two of these things can be taking place and we decide to "multi-task". I am here to tell have an identity....a personal identity. I am here to inform have a choice.....a choice to be who God created you to be. God created YOU and he has a purpose for your life.
The good news is.....God can introduce you to yourself! Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself "What is my favorite color?". Many women may be able to confidently answer such a simple question. Although, many women out there may be living in an unhealthy relationship. If you are continuously being manipulated and controlled you may not be able to answer such a simple question. You can not answer this question because someone has stolen something away from you. Someone has stolen your ability to live as God has created you. As time goes by you are not able to think freely and choose freely and you slowly begin to die inside until you mold into your current circumstances. Your focus becomes "survival" and if you have little ones you focus on keeping a structure...even if the structure is dysfunctional.
The first step is to identify your reality. If you can identify this and be honest with yourself you can start your journey. A journey into yourself. I could not have done this without my faith in the "Lord". I would like to encourage you to ask Jesus to come into your heart and help you on this journey. At times you may feel empty and its painful..... He will hold you up. We are in this together and you are never alone.

Matthew 18:19 Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them.

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