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Hello. I am really excited about this new adventure. The world can be a difficult place at times. Although it is pretty great to know that we all struggle and that we are not alone on our journey. I am hoping that this blog can be a help and inspiration to all the women out there who have. well, made some decisions in our lives that may have not turned out the way we expected. I hope to share my experience and the miracles that have taken place in my life that have and are turning my life around. I woke up one night with "Moms On The Mend" on my heart. I am not sure where this will go but, I have a burning desire to see hearts mended in those women who may have experienced or may be experiencing life's most difficult challenges. Ultimately, to obtain the ability to rise above and overcome!! Join us and find a fresh renewal in the life our heavenly Father intends for you!! Today is your day of blessing and healing. This is a day for rejoicing and claiming FREEDOM and a FEARLESS future.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Cleansing Giggle...

Enjoy a good laugh.. I hope you can find a giggle in your heart with these videos. :)

I have to laugh because they are all to close to home for me. I have two draws and a full suitcase in this home that my sweetheart has collected of "Hotel Soap". We hand them out as treasures when the little ones visit. There is something about a small bar of soap..... The best is when I ventured out into the garage..... scary place in this home...... to attempt to find .... something. I was moving things around and I had moved a suitcase that was piled on the something I was looking for. Well,... it rattled.... do I dare open it for Hmmm maybe its a critter inside. I leaned back and gently, courageously, and as far a way as possible until my arms were stretched out straight I unzipped the case. OH MY!!!!! I just won a lifetime supply of "Hotel Soap". I only have one theory...I think they are is the only thing that I can figure.... they must stick to the hands of my sweetheart when he is on the road and therefore finding their way to our home...IN BULK!!! We give them as gifts.... like I said the little ones find something intriguing about a "small..itsy...bitsy...chicklet bars of soap." :) Have a wonderful day! Next time you wash your hands have a cleansing giggle it refreshes the heart.

Remember .... use your back arrow after you view any video....come back to us!!! We do not want to lose you in cyber space :) Enjoy......

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