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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Are you Toxic? Your Health is Your Wealth!

Did you know that most of us run around with our bodies in an acidotic state?  Ask yourself these questions and it will pretty much answer this question for you.

1.  Do I have a lot of stress in my life?

2.  Am I tired and unmotivated?

3.  Do I have a lack of mental clarity?

4.  Do I have difficulty completing tasks?

5.  Do I have any of these health complications?
           Heart Disease
           Skin Conditions
           Generalized Fatigue
           On Multiple Medications
           Urinary Problems
           High Cholesterol
           Elevated blood Pressure
           Reoccurring Infections
           The list can go on......

6.  How many carbonated beverages do I drink in a day? (This includes carbonated water too)

7.  Do I experience difficulty sleeping through the night and waking up feeling exhausted?

8.  Do I rely on coffee to jump start my day?

9.  Or, Do I just feel like I could feel better than I do now?

I could go on with many more questions for self evaluation but I think these ones hit the general population pretty well.  Let me go back to what I initially stated about walking around in an acidotic state.   Our body has a natural balancing  mechanism called the acid / base balance.  Our bodies pH level distinguishes whether the body is acidotic (acid) or alkaline (base).  This is measured by the pH level found in the bodies systemic system.  This can be interpreted through a blood test.   Our bodies ideal pH level is around 7.35.  The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14.  1 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline.  It is when our body is in this acidotic state that your body is susceptible to illness and disease.  This process affects the health of every cell in the body and therefore can have a very harmful affect if it is out of balance.  Our body can not take this imbalance for an extended period of time.

Early stages of pH acid imbalance include;
Sinus problems
Skin Conditions
Colds & Flu symptoms
Pain (Acute & Chronic)

When the acidotic state continues to deviate into a more progressed severity it begins to affect your body in a more significant way.  Your body becomes weak and the cells in the body start to die.  The result of this is... lack of oxygen to the body and we can not live without oxygen.  An acidotic state in the body can ultimately cause death.

The great news is... it is almost impossible for disease or illness to manifest or sustain itself when the body is in a neutral state.  Going back to the ideal pH of being around 7.35.  The neutral range in the body is 7 to 7.4.  The bad news is most of Americans run around in an acidotic state of 6.2 to 6.4.

So, the question is.  How do YOU really feel and what can you do about it?

Contact me today!!! For your free Wellness Consultation.  You deserve to feel your best and have a "True Quality of LIFE!"

Stacy Rae Tyren RN BSN
Health & Wellness Consultant
Assisting Individuals & Families In Wellness in Today's Economy!

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